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Where Hometown Heroes Unite as One

"Heroes of a lifetime start by healing themselves"


HERO HAVEN offers a  safe place for emergency responders to connect, support, and encourage each other in their unique "brotherhood".  

A place of trust and confidentiality, with opportunities to share stories and debrief from traumas experienced.


HERO HAVEN offers mental/emotional healing tools and professional mental health resources to encourage healing at no cost to the first responder.   


Just like the firefighter who breaks his leg at a call scene will need time and proper treatment to heal his broken body… so do the firefighters who walk away with mental and emotional wounds from the devastation that is experienced at the trauma scene. A type of sacrifice that only another “brother” can really understand.


Hero Haven, and the resources within, give volunteer first responders the time, the tools and the understanding to identify and begin to heal all the pieces of a broken hero.  So that he/she can continue to bravely serve their community, be a pillar of strength for their family; while walking in peace with trusted “brothers” at their side.  Sometimes you are a hero, and sometimes you need a hero.

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Uniquely trained and supported "COACHES" will lead and guide monthly gatherings and one-on-one support.

Hero haven

Where Hometown Heroes come together as one.

618 6th Street

Building #2

DeWitt, IA  52742


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